Our real estate marketing agency has transformed the way properties are marketed and sold on a far-reaching, global scale by offering a fully integrated approach to the representation of new development clients. Inspired by the same foundation and principles as our residential resale division, our project marketing arm provides expertise in development marketing, design, research, and strategic sales 
planning and execution—all under one roof.


Our agency is made up of a team with the knowledge, experience, technology and systems in place to change how projects are conceptualized, constructed and sold. A full-service development team with a highly specialized proficiency in the high-end real estate market manages a project from the initial land purchase to the final sell-out. 


Research & Analysis

Our research and marketing team immerses themselves in the local neighbourhood in order to provide an accurate analysis of the demographics, new homes and resale markets pricing, competitor offering/sales and absorptions.


Once the research is complete, it’s time to come up with a plan of action. How do we best leverage the data we’ve acquired to position your development in the market. We work with your architect and design team to maximize the value of your space. We take your development vision, combine it with a target market based on our research to determine and implement a strategy to sell your project.

Development Marketing

We are actively involved in floor plan design, pricing, sales programs, project branding, target marketing and staff training and development. Our team of highly motivated individuals are intensely committed to achieving the ultimate standards of excellence.

Sales & Operations

With almost 30 years of combined experience in marketing and selling projects from Alberta to British Columbia our team has mastered the sales presentation and has a tailored approach for each project. The things our team can handle and are prepared for are sales gallery management, inventory release strategy, brokerage outreach, international outreach, contract negotiations, daily, weekly and monthly tracking and reporting & initial and ongoing pricing strategy. 

Client Care

Our focus is on the client from start to finish. Our team will make sure clients are updated through the entire construction process, make sure the buyer is aware of the closing procedures. There’s a lot of paperwork, client management, client expectation and we want to make sure it is a smooth transition from purchase to key handover. We handle all the contract administration, document management and any support the client requires. The goal for us is for the client to have an amazing experience with the developer and sales team so the buyer would not hesitate to purchase in their upcoming projects.